Dienstag, Mai 27, 2008

Made my Day

May 27 /08 8:13 a.m.

Traffic cones!! The damn gadgets which I so "love". Thanks, my friend! - Slept well back in my own bed but had the weirdest dreams about wanting to ride other peoples horses. Not that I want to in the real life, mind you.
Moml and his taxi driver made it to the rehab clinic, he is quite happy with the place on first sight. He had the hard task of unpacking a bag I had packed for him (first time in my life) and promptly claimed that lower part of one of the pyjamas (the favoured one) was missing. Like the credit cards in the hospital, haha, but then he "found"it, while Landfrau had been running around here, kicking furniture. - And now is the day today to move some furniture to get at the "dustmice".

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