Montag, Mai 12, 2008

Intensive Care the 2nd

May 12/08 11.11 p.m.

Waiting to get into intensive care is like trying to get into Fort Knox. You are happy when you finally made it, kind of forget why you want to get into there, till you see your patient, all cabled and beeping. Our patient today gave a quite improved impression, although he kept complaining about the nurses not looking properly after him and he had overheard the proffesor talking about some lump on his heart or his lungs, which I doubt, since the heart for sure now is a showpiece and the lungs have been checked before the OP. And the staff is really doing a great job, of course they are short on personal, for sure on a second holiday on account of long weekend. Hope they will move our patient to the normal ward tomorrow. Could not get hold of a doctor, understaffed too.
-Me, I'm batteling a summer cold, coughing my soul away. Aircondioned car and hospital does not improve matters. Keeping away from the patient , although don't think it is contagious, just an additional pain in the neck.
So, that is for all of you friends, keeping you up to date.

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