Dienstag, Mai 06, 2008

Waiting Game

May 6/08 5:11 p.m.

Back from my daily "routine drive" to ugly Krefeld. M.o.m.l. should have been operated on - take note of the should have been - tomorrow morning first thing. Everything had been set, even the shaving had been done, but then they sent him to the ENT section on account of his failing voice, and now the whole procedure has been postponed till further notice, i.e. till it has been made sure that there is no infection. Great? - And there is a long weekend coming up,where nothing happens anyway. I am pissed off insofar, as he is in the clinic since sunday nite with that voice and nothing has been done about it. Now we have to bathe in patience again,but one thing is for sure, I do not want him home again, you never know, with what he will come up then.

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